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Plymouth Little League's home fields are located in

East Plymouth Valley Park

900 Germantown Pike, 19462

(Click here for an aerial map of the park.)


Batting Pavilion

In 2022, PLL opened a multi-purpose batting pavilion with 4 large batting lanes with nets that can  be pulled to create a small turf fielding facility. 

Field 1 Full Field.jpg

Field 1

Field 1 is our regulation Little League softball field that features a skinned infield, a pitching rubber that can be moved to three different pitching distances to accommodate all levels of our softball program, and lights. 

Field 2

Field 2 is a regulation Little League field that is convertible between 46/60 and 50/70 playing distances. It has a raised pitching mound, grass infield, and lights. It is primarily used by our AAA and Intermediate baseball divisions. 


Field 3

Field 3 is a versatile field that features a 60-foot skinned infield with an electrical box at the pitcher rubber to allow for easy use of a pitching machine. It is primarily used by our A and AA divisions but can also accommodate our AAA and younger softball divisions.

Field 4

Field 4 is a regulation baseball field with 60/90 field dimensions. It is primarily used by our Junior and Senior baseball divisions.


Field 7

Field 7 is a 60-foot field with a grass infield. It is primarily used by our A division and as a practice field.

Church Field

The Church Field is our smallest field meant for our smallest athletes. It serves as the main home to our Quickball program. The best parking option for this field is the Storehouse Church parking lot. 

Church Field.JPG

Football Field

The football field, located in the center of the park, is home to the PW Spartans Football & Cheerleading program in the Fall. In the Spring, PLL uses it for Quickball games as well as a warm-up and practice space.

Football Field.JPG

Batting Cages

The old batting cages remain on site and are still in use, featuring 2 batting lanes.

Old Batting Cage.JPG

Snack Shack

Each Spring season, PLL operates a fully stocked snack shack for players and families to enjoy food and treats after their games and practices.

*Rendering by local artist Susannah Hart Thomer


Players and young siblings alike enjoy the use of a playground that was updated in 2022 to become ADA compliant and fully inclusive.

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