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Spring Registration: January 1st-February 1st

Summer Sandlot Registration: Last two weeks of May

Fall Ball: Registration: First two weeks of August

Plymouth Little League uses Sports Connect for all registrations.

Click here to be redirected to our Sports Connect registration site.

Spring registration typically runs from January 1st through mid-February.

Opening Day 2022.JPG

Opening Day 2022

Tips for Using Sports Connect:

  • Create an account under a parent/guardian's name

  • Add a profile for each child you would like to register

  • Add additional parents/guardians in the account settings as additional account holders to ensure they receive league communication. 

Plymouth Little League Financial Hardship Statement

Plymouth Little League is committed to providing a quality program for all interested youth players within our Little League boundaries. As an organization, we strive to assist families who require financial assistance to cover registration and associated costs.

In order to ensure that the financial needs of families are met, Plymouth Little League makes use of the T-Mobile Call Up Grant program*. This program is available to families in need who can present verifications, such as current enrollment in SNAP, WIC, or Medicaid. 


Families in need of financial assistance should follow these steps:

  1. Apply for the T-Mobile Call Up Grant. (The application process is quick and easy and should take under 5 minutes.) 

  2. If approved, T-Mobile will provide payment directly to the family in the form of a debit card that can be used to complete PLL registration.


If you have any questions or if your family has experienced sudden financial hardship but does not meet the criteria laid out in the T-Mobile Call Up Grant, please contact league registrar, Gina Cardone (, for further assistance.


Note: Confidentiality will be maintained in all communications relating to financial hardship. The league’s registrar will be the point of contact and that person will not share out any personal or identifying information with other league officials.


*T-Mobile Call Up Grant is a privately funded grant and funds are limited, families are encouraged to apply immediately as funds may run out. If you encounter such a situation, please contact the League Registrar for more information.

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